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Labeling Machine


Equipment Operations/Employee Training

  • Only feed labels sheets when equipment is OFF.

  • To start after reloading label sheet

  1.  Make sure sheet is centered​

  2. Switch is set to "autofeed"

  3. Hold down red button on lower left corner for 3 seconds 

  • If sheets get jammed press the red button in lower left corner once to pause operation and release the sheet locking switch. ​


  • Doing safety requirements correctly 

  • Excellent way for having proper and correct training

  • Pictures and instructions make it easy for employees to understand

Job Requirement

  • Explain how to perform the employees job requirements correctly 

  • Lets the employee know during training what is required of them

  • Help to be sure employees are performing their job correctly and maximize production

Equipment Setup

  • Have photos that can be labeled and instructions for how to setup certain equipment

  • Know that the equipment is set up properly and reduce downtime

  • Make it easier to train new employees on how to set up the equipment if they are unfamiliar with it.

Work Orders

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