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What the Grocery Store Layout Will Provide You

  • The layout will provide you with icons representing the areas of the grocery store, such as aisles, registers, freezers, bakery, etc.

  • You can click on those icons to go to that item which will provide you with a photo and information. 

  • These layouts will let you know where your products are located, which helps staff members find items quickly. 

  • We can provide information that can 

  1. Learn what location your products work best for gaining maximum sales​

  2. Keep track of top-selling items for that week/month/year

  3. Let employees know what their responsibilities are for their section of the store

  4. Train new employees on product location and proper shelf display

  5. Give you options for having the best customer flow through the store

  6. Keep track of what items do best on the end racks

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