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What the Plant Layout Will Provide You

  • Safety: Maintenance Layout-this layout can give specific safety protocols and procedures needed when using a certain piece of equipment, such as the lockout process for electrical panels. It will be easy for employees to understand with photos and clear instructions on the safety steps.

       Production Layout-this layout will help with protecting employees and the company's property. The layouts                         will provide employees with the location and information for emergency exit ways, walkways and doors, hazardous           zones, protective gear, and cross-contamination hazards.

       For an example of this click this link to see our Filler Page. 

  • Data/Setup: Maintenance Layout-this will provide you with data on your equipment that can provide you with what you need to know to order new equipment and have the correct steps to upkeep and set up the equipment. This can provide you with OBM, PM, and setup for your plant in one program.

       Production Layout-these layouts will provide the correct steps for setup. This will allow for less product loss and more        uptime. 

       For an example of this click this link to see our Packaging Page.

  • Training: you can use the layouts for training a new employee or retraining a current employee on information they need to know about the equipment and layout of your facility. You can instruct your employees on their job requirements and safety protocols before they ever go on the floor. Employees that feel more comfortable performing their job will be more willing to stay with the company. 

       For an example of this click on this link to see our Labeling Machine Page.

  • Information in One Spot: the layouts will have all the information you need from safety, equipment information, layout location of equipment, etc., to easily find it when needed. Compared to having to go to different sources of information such as individual equipment reports, and CMMS systems. The layouts can be viewed on tablets while out in the plant.

       For an example of this click on this link to see our Boxing Page.

  • Downtime Response: our layout will let you decrease the amount of time your equipment is not running. We will be able to make notes on what area and what piece of equipment is down. Also, we can make notes and instructions about what components are causing the downtime and what the employee can do to resolve it. This allows for the information to be shared between different shift employees. We can color code the equipment with the photos that have been causing issues, so it's easier for employees to find.

  • Meetings: when you have meetings, you can use the layouts to show the entire plant to your employees and coworkers. The layout can share repeatable problems and issues with clarity. You can use the images and data to have a better understanding of where equipment is located compared to using a CAD layout.  

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