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Employee Responsibilities

  1. Put proper pricing on products

  2. Check that products are in the correct spot

  3. Stock items that have low amounts on shelves

  4. Check for damaged items

  5. Make sure sale tags are on the correct items

  6. Sweep and mop floors

Safety Precautions

  1. Make sure the floor is dry of spills/liquids

  2. Use a step ladder when stocking top shelves

  3. Watch for items on shelves above you when stocking

  4. For any cuts or falls make sure to report them to the manager

Top Selling Products of the Month

  1. Honey Nut Cheerios Cereal

  2. Yogi Soothing Bedtime Tea

  3. Nature Valley Protein Granola

  4. Folgers Classic Roast Coffee 30oz

Product Locations

  A. Tea

  B. Cereal

  C. Granola

  D. Coffee

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